CAT 3508C



En marinemotor af højeste kvalitet


Uanset hvor stort dit effektbehov er, garanterer Cat® 3508C Diesel fremdrivningsmotoren uovertruffen ydelse og holdbarhed, så du kan holde din virksomhed i gang. Motoren leverer høj effekt, har en velafprøvet pålidelighed og fremragende brændstofeffektivitet.


Engine Specifications
Configuration V-8, 4-stroke-cycle diesel
Emissions U.S. EPA Tier 2 / IMO I emissions certified (commercial),RCD 2016 compliant, EU Stage IIIAcompliant, CCNR Stage II throughreciprocity with EU Stage IIIA
Rated Engine Speed 1600 rpm
Bore 170 mm
Stroke 190 mm
Displacement 34,53 l
Aspiration Turbocharged-aftercooled
Governor ADEM3
Refill Capacity Lube Oil System w/Oil filter change:219,6 L (58 gal)
Oil Change Interval 500 hrs
Cooling Heat exchanger or keel cooled
Flywheel Housing SAE No. 0
Rotation Counterclockwise from flywheel end



Power Rating
Minimum Rating 578 bkW
Maximum Rating 820 bkW



Dimensions & Weights
Length 2117 mm
Height 1829 mm
Minimum Width 1703 mm
Maximum Width 1703 mm
Minimum Engine Dry Weight 4960 kg
Maximum Engine Dry Weight 4960 kg




A3 Electronic Control Unit (ECU)
  • One of the most advanced electronic control systems available for Cat marine engines.
  • Faster with more memory capability than ADEM 2
  • Compatible with several optional display systems
  • Does not require fuel cooling
  • Enhanced input/output capacity
  • Rugged marine design and IP66 connectors
  • Award-winning circuitry design
Engine-Mounted Instrument Panel
  • Integrated MPD display for quick response and effective local control
  • Optional local speed control
  • Optional individual cylinder exhaust temperature scanner with data link for remote mounting
  • Local E-stop, warning indicators, horn
  • Plug & Run connections allow mounting on port or starboard side of engine
Marine Power Display
  • Graphic display of engine operating parameters in analog, digital, or bar-chart format
  • Rugged weatherproof construction
  • Fully user-configured display screens
  • Marine classification society-type approved
  • Diagnostic messages and alarms
  • Three-tier prioritization of events and diagnostics • Multilingual capability
  • Night-mode LCD display
  • ISO symbols for parameter identification
High Capacity High Efficiency Turbos
  • Standard marine twin turbocharger configuration
  • More reserved power for superior part load performance at continuous ratings
  • Turbos tuned for high power and excellent fuel consumption
Engine-Mounted Cat Plate-Type Heat Exchanger
  • Separate Circuit Aftercooled (SCAC)
  • Single heat exchanger for both jacket water and aftercooler systems
  • Single inlet and outlet connections for sea water
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Factory-installed piping and connections
Rigid Wiring Harness
  • Highly durable: long service life
  • Flexibility for custom wire additions
  • Lined with fire retardant foam
  • Cost efficient replacement for premium wiring
  • Marine classification society approved
Power Distribution Box
  • Isolates “control power” from alternator/starter/jacket water heater power
  • Mountable off engine
  • Allows end user to choose up to three independent power sources
  • Has built-in circuit breakers and switches for easy troubleshooting
Marine Classification Society Approvals


Electronic Features
  • 3D histogram data of engine operation (load, speed, time)
  • Load feedback signal for CPP operation
  • Electronic torque limit for re-power and torque limited application equipment
  • Programmable droop
  • Adjustable governor gains
  • Condition-based maintenance
  • Monitoring features
  • Serial data bus communications
  • Primary and secondary A3 controllers on all propulsion engines
Cat Pilot House Panels
  • Cat pilot house panels with or without Marine Power Display (MPD)
  • Easily connected to the engine customer connector
  • Ability to have full function helm panels and reduced function wing panels
Unit Injectors
  • Caterpillar designed and built system
  • “Drop-in” installation
  • No threaded fuel connections
  • High pressure only inside injector does not require double wall lines or leak collection devices



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