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Receive professional advice about the financing options for your equipment. Cat Financial is ready to help you.

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Whether you are buying new or used machines, we offer various types of financing. Our financing experts will guide and advise you on getting the best possible benefit from your investment. Fast and easy financing with tailor-made payment schemes enables you to get your equipment out and working sooner.



Financial leasing

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Financial leasing usually requires a 20% down payment. Duration/residual value to be agreed. The customer takes over/acquires the equipment upon maturity of the contract at a pre-agreed sum excl. VAT.

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Cat Financial offers a variety of solutions for the financing of Cat and MaK engines and Cat machines. We know that a ‘one size fits all’ solution does not exist, so we customise your very own solution. Read more about Cat Financial here.  

operationel leasing

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Operational leasing usually requires no down payment – the customer “rents” the equipment for an agreed period and delivers it back to Cat Finans upon maturity. A service agreement between the customer and Zeppelin Denmark A/S is ALWAYS included. A maximum number of running hours is agreed from the outset.



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