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3Reasons to why you should use us

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1Excellent service
  • 24/7 technical support
    • Day and night, 7 days a week.
  • State-of-the-art technologies
    • Avoid unnecessary downtime by opting for our latest maintenance techniques.
  • Spend less time on maintenance and repair
    • Thanks to our flexible service contracts.
2Long lifecycle of machines

Caterpillar machines and engines are designed sustainably and have a long lifecycle. With regular maintenance by one of our qualified service engineers, you will be able to minimise downtime and at the same time extend the equipment lifecycle.

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3Motivated team: dedicated experts

Cat products support you in your day-to-day work. But you will need a helping hand in order to make the right choice. Our team of experts possess extensive knowledge of and experience from your sector. There is always somebody to assist you in your search for the right product. Need servicing? A specialised service engineer is ready to help you.




As a contractor, you face all kinds of challenges every day. Your projects are extremely diverse. The biggest challenge is perhaps to perform the maximum amount of work in the shortest possible time. But it is equally important to work safely and in accordance with regulations. This requires a lot from you, but also from your machines and this is where Zeppelin Danmark comes into the picture. 


Equipment for all puposes


From erecting houses to building roads or a new company site – every day you have to carry out demolition and excavation work, perform ground-levelling work, and install or remove cables and pipes. To do all this you use machinery like bulldozers, excavators, skid steer loaders and power generators. Caterpillar machines come equipped with ample standard functions. They are expandable with functions such as 3D machine control, Trimble GPS, double air tires and an automatic lubrication system.


High productivity at low cost


Caterpillar machines of course comply with all current regulations. Moreover, you can rely on getting cleaner and quieter machines. 
If you want to work efficiently and with lower fuel- and repair and maintenance costs, then you must choose a Cat machine. We offer 24/7 service and our mechanics are experts in Caterpillar machines.
Convinced of Caterpillar’s benefits? With rapid response times, 24/7 service, online monitoring and expert personnel, we are always there to assist you.

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