2Reasons to collaborate with Zeppelin Denmark

1Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), high profit
  • Reliable quality
    • The robust machines and engines of Caterpillar are built for a long and sustainable service life.
  • Extend the lifecycle with regular servicing
    • Opt for one of our service contracts and let us relieve you of the work.
  • High part-exchange value
    • ​​​​​​​Rebuild your machine or sell it on the global market.
ecologische voetafdruk
2Low emissions, less fuel consumption
  • Reduce your ecological footprint.
  • Engines that comply with all current emission requirements (IMO, CCNR and EPA).
  • Machines are built for a long service life. Old machines can easily be overhauled with new parts.



As a commercial market gardener, you are always looking for the ideal conditions for your products. It makes no difference whether you grow vegetables, fruit, flowers or plants: climate control is the most important element for a successful harvest. We understand that you need to rely fully on your energy systems.


A practical and efficient system​​​​​​​


For climate control in horticulture, you are dependent upon two key factors: heat and energy. Caterpillar’s combined heat and power plants are ideal for this kind of climate control. Our gas generator generates energy and releases heat that is used efficiently. Your greenhouse will be provided with light and heat at the same time. It’s a practical, efficient system.​​​​​​​




Generating and using energy efficiently and in an environmentally-friendly manner is becoming more and more important. With Caterpillar's solar panels you can generate energy and store it. This makes you self-sufficient and independent of the electricity grid. The high-quality solar panel systems of Caterpillar boast high efficiency, even in cloudy weather, and they are quick and easy to install. Are you looking for an energy-efficient system with a low total cost of ownership? Opt for the energy systems of Caterpillar.​​​​​​​

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