Zeppelin - bæredygtighed

Safety and environment

At Zeppelin Denmark, quality and sustainability mean that we make a long-term and real contribution to the environment and society as a sustainable company. This stems from the strength of our corporate culture.

We aim to be a strong and recognized business partner. We create innovative solutions, and our goal is to be our customers’ first choice when it comes to:

  • To build strong and long-lasting customer relationships
  • To deliver strong products from a world-leading brand
  • To deliver consistently high quality and professional skill


Sustainability is constantly gaining importance. Every day, Zeppelin Denmark faces growing demand for sustainable solutions and cooperation agreements between customers and suppliers. Furthermore, the authorities expect the companies to formulate sustainable goals and promote innovation with regard to sustainability.


  • Develop new technical solutions that harm the environment less
  • Provide energy solutions that have the lowest possible environmental impact
  • Make demands on our suppliers to make them reflect on their environmental impact
  • Run our organization in accordance with applicable environmental legislation and regulations
  • Improve ourselves so that our daily work continues to be “greener”
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